Many patients with varicose veins do not need treatment but reassurance. Other patients are keen for treatment on a cosmetic basis or for symptoms. In patients with bleeding from varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency, or venous ulceration, treatment is recommended

Endothermal ablation including radiofrequency ablation

This is the recommended first line treatment for patients with leaky valves in the superficial veins.

It is performed under local anaesthetic and takes less than 45 minutes. It uses radiofrequency energy to heat the vein wall so that it sticks together. This causes the vein to seal up preventing blood flow down the vein the wring way and varicose veins to shrink.


Foam Sclerotherapy

This procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic. It uses a chemical called a sclerosant mixed with air to make a foam. This causes scarring of the inside of the vein so that it becomes blocked. The foam is injected into the vein. This can be used in combination with radiofrequency ablation.


Open Surgery

This procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic as a daycase. It usually involves a small incision in the groin or behind the knee and multiple small incisions over the varicose veins. The superficial vein are divided from the deep ones and the superficial veins are stripped.

This procedure is only carried out at The Fitzwilliam Clinic

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